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Gree Solar is a leading Solar PV developer that specialises in developing rooftop and ground mount solar PV for businesses in Egypt. We are an Egyptian-registered business with British engineers, management and installation team. Our senior team all have over eight years experience working within the British solar industry meaning you can be assured that the service you receive is of the very highest standard. No other solar developer in Egypt has the skill or experience to rival us. Especially in key areas such as;  quality management, engineering and reliability.

We are highly endorsed by Egypt's Ministry of Electricity for our wealth of experienced and skill in the solar energy field.


We use our British installation team for everyone of our customers. Our installation team has developed over 400MW of solar PV worldwide and are highly qualified, experienced and ensure that you receive the very highest quality installation available in Egypt.

Our head engineers and electricians all have over ten years experience working within the UK solar industry.

General Atef Yacoub

General Atef is a well-known and highly respected political figure within Egypt who until 2018 headed the Consumer Protection Agency. Atef was a key figure at the first ever United Nations Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Consumer Protection (UNGCP). An expert group consisting of 450 individuals where government agencies can discuss progress in consumer protection and agree joint actions.

During 2017, General Atef was recognised by the prestigious Business Today awards for his contribution to the growth of the Egyptian economy – an award ceremony that was attended by many Ministers of Egypt and business leaders from throughout the country.

Tawfick Mohamed
Vice Chairman

Having established key business with a large scale waste to energy program in El-Minya and Jordan, Tawfick originally brought Gree together with key UK partners GEC to establish an Egyptian company that has the experience and skillset to drive forward Solar PV across the whole of Egypt.  With his key understanding of local markets he is your point of contact for new opportunities in the Middle East.

Nick Blashill
Sales Director

Nick has owned and managed international propertyy businesses within the UK, China and the United States. Nick was introduced to the renewable energy business in 2012, when he founded Green Energy Commercial (GEC). GEC developed Solar PV for some of the UK's largest businesses as well as many large-scale solar farms in the south of England. Nick leads our Sales Team developing the commercial Solar PV installation side of Gree Solar.

Neil Banks
Operations Director

Neil is a highly distinguished individual from the UK solar industry. Neil first became involved in renewable energy back in 2008, the beginning of the UK ‘solar boom’ and brings his vast project management skills to assist with the operational running of Gree Solar. In the UK, Neil was responsible for all grid connections and has successfully managed residential, commercial and large-scale solar installations in his 8 years working with within the industry. Neil is a well-networked and highly trained individual with a wealth of experience.

Thomas Kean
Business Development Director

After graduating from Newcastle University in 2015, Thomas enrolled on a London-based entrepreneurship program. Here he had the opportunity to learn directly from some of the UK’s business leaders including the CEO of E-Leather, a company that featured in The Sunday Times "Top 100 Fastest Growing UK Companies" for four consecutive years. Thomas developed skills at the heart of Business Development and is responsible for identifying new business areas.

Why Solar?

The business case for Solar PV is stronger than ever before in Egypt. Frequent price increases are pushing running costs up higher and higher. A Solar PV system is a one-time investment that guarantees you a free electricity supply from the sun for years and years to come.

Solar PV benefits